As is the case with many foreign online stores, the process of making independent purchases on Amazon raises many questions from buyers. To make each of your Amazon purchases successful, follow these simple steps.

Registration to Amazon

Before you make an order on Amazon, you must register on the site. Your account will give you the opportunity to use all the functionality of the site without restrictions. About all the nuances of this process can be found in our article "Registration on Amazon".

Product Selection

After registering and entering the delivery address (or your company-forwarder), as well as tying your card to your Amazon account, go to search for the necessary goods on the site. To do this, enter its name (in English) in the search bar, or click on the Shop by department button and select the category to which our product belongs from the list on the page.

As you know, the Amazon website sells both Amazon itself and other sellers who want to expand the range of their potential buyers. If the item you are looking for is sold by Amazon, their offer will always be first. If Amazon does not sell this product, the site will sort offers from other sellers and put the first most profitable of them. Here we see an offer from Amazon itself: Ships from and sold by The Free Shipping offer listed next to the price of the item applies only to shipping within the United States. Also on this page, you can select the product option.

Below the page, there is information about other sellers offering this product. If you are not satisfied with Amazon's offer (the price or the lack of direct delivery to your country), follow one of these links and consider offers from other sellers on the site. From the point of view of payment security, it does not matter how to place an order on Amazon – from Amazon itself or from another company that sells goods on its website. All payments are accepted only by Amazon itself, sellers do not receive your credit card data, besides Amazon "freezes" money until the goods arrive at the buyer and the buyer notifies the company that the goods are working and the transaction was successful. Only then does the seller receive money for the goods sold. If the buyer has a claim to the seller or the goods, he is entitled to a full refund to the card from which the payment was made. That is why ordering goods on Amazon is considered one of the safest types of online shopping. Also, you can use the Amazon Store Card to find out more about it, you can use syncbank/​amazon card search query.

Shipping information is specified in the Shipping field in the product Details category below on the product description page. Amazon itself sends out of the United States only products from the Amazon Global Elite categories. In order for Amazon to show only products with international delivery, at the stage of product search, tick AmazonGlobal Eligible in the list of filters to the left of the table with the search results. If the item cannot be shipped to your country, we are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address will be listed above the seller information. If you are satisfied, select the desired configuration and click on The add to cart button

Purchase of goods

Our product is in the basket and if we do not plan to buy anything more, we check the price and equipment again and click on the Proceed to Checkout button (Go to payment). Then you need to log in if you did not do it at the beginning of the purchase. Enter the e-mail address to which the account is registered, select I am a returning customer and my password is if you already have an account on the Amazon site, and enter the password for the account on the site.

Next, check the correctness of your order:

  • shipping address and billing address (most often match),
  • select the card to pay for the order (if several cards are connected to the account),
  • enter the discount code (if you have one),
  • check the final price of the item in the Order Summary box on the right side of the page,
  • select the type of delivery (Standard int'l Shipping – regular or Expedited int'l Shipping — expedited)
  • and click Place Your Order.

Next, you will see a message with gratitude for the order, and the mail will receive a confirmation letter. Money from the account will be withdrawn within 30-60 minutes, the order will be sent in 2-3 days, which will be notified by e-mail, which also contains information about how many parcels will come to your order ("Shipping Details: the order will arrive in... shipment"). How to track the movement of the order, read our article How to track the parcel from Amazon.

How to cancel an order on Amazon

You can only cancel an Amazon order if it hasn't been shipped yet. To do this, go to the list of your orders on the website: Your account -> Your Orders. Open the order you need and click on the Cancel items button. Check the boxes next to the products you want to cancel. If you want to cancel the whole order, check all the products in it. Click Cancel checked items (Cancel selected products). Your order (or part of it) will be canceled and you will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation.